The Roots

The founding of The Guest House has come out of a convergence of deep relationships within the restaurant industry and shared a commitment to social justice work, agrarian restoration, and hospitality.  The wide array of skills and professional experience that each of the staff bring to their work provide the foundation for their collective vision of The Guest House.

Seth O'Donovan, Founder/Owner



Visionary Team

The founding staff team of The Guest House are a group of people who have vision, desire, and skill-sets to match the building work of this project.  Coming from a breadth of professional backgrounds and stories, this team reflects the values & forward-thinking action that The Guest House embodies.

Kathryn Dziedzic, Operations Manager     kathryn@theguesthousecolorado.com

Alexa Poteshman, Events Manager

Bryan Garneau, Sous Chef & Agricultural Development

Brandi Stanley, Branding & Marketing Manager