Alaska Adventure

Alaska Adventure

The Guest House 2019 is one of adventure, travel, mystery, and living into collaborations and partnerships with other folks in our ‘tribe’ of people who are living into the new model of fore-fronting land in experiences of hospitality, food, and dining.  We will release opportunities for hospitality on the land throughout December 22, 2018 (December Full Moon) – Feb 1, 2019 (St.Brigid’s Day).

All experiences in 2019 will represent our deepest collaborative relationships with others in the United States who are running their businesses according to: the direction of the land (and sea), who hold the hightest craft(wo)manmanship toward their trade and the ability for communities to be sovereign in feeding themselves, and who deeply believe that the work of the hospitality industry is to usher us all into new ways of eating, informed by old practices, and the most beautiful & refined ways of living.

Photo by the genius of Susie Jenkins-Brito of Set The Net in Bristol Bay, AK

Photo by the genius of Susie Jenkins-Brito of Set The Net in Bristol Bay, AK

Alaska adventure August 21st-October 6th, 2019

The choice is yours. 

Offerings of 4-day or 5-day adventures on Hesketh Island with our Alaskan partners at Set The Net & Evie’s Brinery.  Only for the bravest of hearts, dreamiest of adventurers, and souls seeking the surprise & wonder that only life on the land provides.  We invite you to stay with us on the Island in a village of fisherman, hunters, chefs, beverage crafters, and artists, in a multi-day experience of dining & hospitality that is the outflowing of all of the craft & work of the community on site. Our experience is that surrendering to the life of the land provides for luxury in unexpected ways and we love the opportunity to share those experiences with you.

Adventure experiences include: all meals sourced from the site, ‘refined wild’ sleeping & lodging accommodations, workshops with craftsmen & hospitality workers, nature immersion experience, yoga & somatic therapies, and all the art which inspires your hungry soul. Your adventure begins in Homer, Alaska - all logistics, accommodations, and food from Homer are diligently anticipated & provided. 

Other culinary, artist, and hospitality community of ours will be spending time on the island with us throughout the seven weeks - we’ll update and list them here for folks interested in joining around specifically themed weeks…

AUG 22-25 Seaweed harvest & cooking, natural fermentation; Salt harvesting with Alaska Salt Co.

AUG 29-SEPT 1 Labor Day weekend celebration – Wild Salmon celebration with Dillingham writer and fisherwoman, Susie Jenkins-Brito of Set the Net
Natural wines workshop with Berlin-based chef Madeline McLean; Alaska-grown apples – tasting and baking

SEPT 5-8 Sourdough learning with James Beard award nominee Carlyle Watt from Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop
Music with the Super Saturated Sugar Strings!

SEPT 11-15 Wild foraged textile prints with Homer artist Mandy Bernard Using the Whole Salmon with Dillingham writer and fisherwoman, Susie Jenkins-Brito of Set the Net

SEPT 19-22 Create and draw on clay pallets with Homer ceramic artisit Cynthia Morelli Charcuterie with Seth O’Donovan & Tony Weston from the Guest House Colorado Ferment Alaska grown vegetables with Evie Witten, creator of Evie’s Brinery

SEPT 25-29 Written Word Week focusing on food & land, with author & James Beard award winner Lisa Donovan

OCT 2-6 Clay work and beach pit fire workshop with Homer potter Maygen Lotscher Ferment Alaska grown vegetables with Evie Witten, creator of Evie’s Brinery

Experience packages available for reservation beginning January’s New Moon (January 5th, 2019). Availability of date options can be seen in the Reservations Link:  MAKE YOUR RESERVATION FOR ADVENTURE HERE.

A round top boucherie May 16-19, 2019

We’re joining our friends at Rancho Pillow for a weekend of learning, butchering, cooking, dining, and community. We often see the results of animal craft on our plates, but the connection we build with our lives and the lives of animals deepens when we are able to participate in the craft that brings them from the field to the table.

The experience deepens as we welcome for the first time renowned writer, photographer, food stylist and friend, Angie Mosier, whose life's work is about the celebration of food around a table.  Come spend time with Angie as she photographs, styles and helps tell the story of our weekend from start to finish.  

Join us Thursday, May 16 to Sunday, May 19 for a weekend of butchering, charcuterie, preservation, and sausage-making that results in beautiful meals and intimate time together with our food.  Guests will experience the magic of the setting at Rancho Pillow, learning and skill-building to apply to cooking at home, creativity in crafting meals with our butcher + chef, and joy in the time together around the table.

Reservations can be made through the Rancho Pillow website here.