Inspired by our grandparents, parents and those who worked before us.

The Guest House is carving new paths that are informed by old practices, and inspired by the substance of the Colorado landscape. We are motivated by the vision of a permaculture workshop in our kitchen garden that harvests food for that night's dinner preparation by our chef who has spent the afternoon crafting seasonal Rocky Mountain-based food that embraces our soil and seasons.  We are encouraged by the relationships with artists and social movement workers who are informing the kind of retreat, work, and rest space that will be facilitated in the grange and in the landscape hotel cabins.  We are stimulated by the crafting of events and gatherings on the land that embrace beauty, define hospitality, and fortify our spirits.  

Recent Press:  5280 "Sneak-peak: Pop-up Dinners From The Guest House" by Monica Stockbridge, photos by Lauren DeFilippo  


The Guest House is where our years of combined practice and experience come to life,


The uniqueness of the team of people who are investing their skills and vision into The Guest House is a defining strength of our work.  Merging backgrounds and professional experience in hospitality, dining & wine, community organizing, permaculture, arts & social movement, animal husbandry, herbal practice, somatic body practice, organizational leadership, and pre-industrial craft, our team is informed by breadth as well as depth of vocation and applies all of our skills to serving our community, our land, and our loves.

We want a place that hosts events and invests in people

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