On The Land

by seth o’donovan

The anticipation, waiting, imagining, and planning about the time that we would plant our feet on land in the valley that we envisioned ourselves doing the work of The Guest House could fill a reservoir.  All of our investment of resources, time, skill, and relationship has been in service of the goal of getting to land that could serve the vision and to which we could live in service.  And it seems like over the last two years the majority of our sentences start with ‘when we’re on the land….’  So the transition from us all being scattered over the Queen City of the Plains in different restaurants and parts of town to us all living on the land that we’ve intentioned towards has been a nothing short of surreal and also, the most embodied transition I’ve ever experienced. 

One of the qualities that I love most about the land is that it presents constant opportunity and invitation for work.  From the first day of arrival there were harvests to be brought in, landscapes to learn, seasons and days to observe, food to be preserved, plans to be discerned, and neighbors to greet.  And we dove right in.  Bryan has been busy in the kitchen and in the garden with harvest and preserving.  Alexa has been quick at forging new relationships in the valley that will be necessary for us to live accountably to this community and carry out our work in service to the larger picture.  Brandi has been diligently parsing out our ethos and aesthetic that will determine the guiding principles for our design, architecture, and renovation work.  Danielle has been applying the highest standards to our financial planning and the stewardship of our resources.  And I finally organized our china shelves.

Another of the qualities that I love about the land is that it presents such opportunity for rest.  We’ve been surprised at how quickly our service-industry bodies have shifted into a sleep and work cycle with the sun.  And without internet on the land we’ve been finding ourselves making our way through books and study and cooking and laughing (and even our dvd collections from college) in the evenings until we find ourselves in a single-digit bedtime. 

We’re all off to participate in the rest of the gleaning harvest this week in Paonia - just over the pass from our place by the Crystal River.  Our work of the week will include harvest, distillery research, vineyard research, some strategic planning for next year, recipe testing, and of course more preserving.  We’re really so thankful for all of our work.  

We’ll be posting soon on our site about some events that we’ll be hosting as well as how contact & visiting with us in our new place works (spoiler alert: be on the look out for a new land-line phone number to call us on) Love from the land. 

seth o'donovan