and this...

and this is the life we live:

a life that restores our land, ignites our spirits, & compels our bodies.

a life that rises early with the sun to be with the land and our animals

a life that stays up late with the moon to serve and to cook for our community

a life that spurns performance in exchange for practice

a life that seeks joy and believes desire points to a wisdom we have yet to articulate

a life that orients ourselves towards service

a life that prepares our bodies and minds and souls to show up for something larger, more eternal than this reality, this time

a life that asks ‘what does hospitality require of us?’


this moment asks nothing less of us. 


we sing the song of this life again:

plant your feet
plant your feet
plant your feet again upon the land.
lift your chin
lift your chin
lift your chin again to the sky.

seth o'donovan