30 days

we leave for Alaska from the wilds of Colorado in 30 days. 

it’s a number of discovery, creativity, and the manifesting of what we’ve been prepared/ing for.  we’ll meet Susie soon after and begin  the work of preparing the physical space, land, and food for guests to join us on the island shortly thereafter on august 22nd and will host guests for seven weeks. as i work on ferments or foraging or linen patterns, i think about who will experience them and what the land on hesketh island holds for us.  there are questions that await us there about food and drink and land and community that we don’t even know yet to ask, which is amazing and part of the wonder of the land.

i’ve been continuing through the book ‘finding beauty in a broken world’ by terry tempest williams and two things she’s said are sticking with me as we prepare for departure:

1. “beauty creates its own stamina.” (p 149)

2. “never postpone gratitude.  ingratitude robs us of enthusiasm.” (a quote by Albert Schweitzer, p 155)

every day in the preparation i seek to remain true to these two senses: acknowledging beauty & practicing gratitude.  i believe that the way we do our work determines its outcome – that the actual spirit of the work effects its result and its impact on the world.  and if there were two character traits of how i want the work in Alaska and the guests experience of the site to be, i’d choose Beauty & Gratitude.  

and a note to you all as members of The Guest House community:

because each of us working on this project prioritizes our time with cooking, land work, sea work, the work of the dining room, and other aspects of our craft, we don’t choose to spend a lot of time on online marketing or advertisement.  we believe this keeps us immersed in the kind of practice that best serves people, keeps us focused on what’s important about our work, and it also pushes us to have really content-filled & meaningful conversations and connections with people who we know are interested in what is happening in the evolution of this hospitality project.  that also means that we really count on the support of our friends and family to spread the word about opportunities, and hopefully have some cool conversations with others in their lives about food, land, community, and connection.  there are still spots open to join us in Alaska, so if you know of anyone who may want to join, your participation with us in inviting them is so appreciated.  i always would rather people be invited to dinner via a kind word and smile than a social media blurb.

sending love, beauty, and gratitude to you all.

seth o'donovan