Amaro & Women & Duck

A carnelian clad table set with Amaro Sibilla, fifteen guests fed five courses with four ducks, power-house women and feminist men conversing about their work of transformation and craft in this world.  We are treasuring the picture of our table last night for the Feminist Wine Dinner at Leisure Gallery and the privilege of the opportunity to extend hospitality in that setting. 

We felt the gravity of our first dinner – the weight of who our guests would be, how our food would taste & nourish us, what our style of service and hospitality would be, and how we would be setting the space for the development of all of our future hospitality.  We were all discussing moments that define success for us in hospitality while cleaning the gallery at the end of the evening – here are a few of my favorites: 

·      the moment after we had served the Squash & Mushroom Socca to the table and all walked back into the kitchen and Joe said, ‘Do you hear that?’ Silence.  A holy moment of tasting, being nourished, and reflecting on the land that feeds us in the dining room. 

·      when Seth noticed that forty-five minutes after dessert was finished, our table was still mostly full of guests talking, drinking, and sharing their evening with each other…whenever you dine with strangers and find you want more, a space of hospitality has been created.

·      our owners team reflection at the end of the night was that our hearts felt full, our spirits fortified, and our souls thankful…affirmations to me that as a group of people building this project, we are simply honored to have opportunity to serve and facilitate spaces in which people are connected to their own bodies, each other, and the land. 

And this morning our work moves forward – Joe is crafting our next dinner menu (High-Alpine Wine/Low-Country Food, March 8th), Seth is meeting with new CSA Devoted members and planning the Herb Craft One workshop (begins Feb 21st), and Troy is scheming about the herbal recipe to craft our own Guest House Amaro for the 2017 season.  

We are so thankful to all of you in the growing Guest House family…thanks for your presence, care, and all of the ways you are changing and serving our community and land. 

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