to the north

it is the 3rd night of the 13th new moon of the year.  this moon looks on to the next year in anticipation.  it is past the agricultural new year, so it has put everything of this past year to bed, and now holds the deep, quiet, cold winter space for all that is to come. 

our work acknowledges that the path back to the land is one of vulnerability, of not knowing, of practicing skills we don’t have mentors for anymore, of making mistakes, of needing other people, and of following more questions than answers.

this kind of vulnerable path requires us to build relationships with people on a similar path who understand our work and ethos and who are also living – by that we mean: daily practicing into – the same path and same work and same questions.  we need people in our lives who are witnesses, who keep us accountable, who make us tea at the end of the day (and hopefully a negroni from house-distilled gin), and who live every day into the idea that it is more important to keep diving into the thing you don’t know than to look great at all the things you do.

so we go to the north.  Hesketh Island, Alaska to be exact. 

in collaboration with Set The Net and Evie’s Brinery, we are deep in the crafting of an 8-week (August 14th - October 6th, 2019) fisher-hunter-gatherer-farmer-preserver-crafter-artist-distiller-brewer-fermenter village whose goal is really to do right by the land and sea, preserve our next year’s food, and cook some really amazing fare all by the inspiration of the land, the sea, and each other.  and we’d love to invite guests into that space for four and five-day stays with us to be cared for, fed, participate, and to dive into the questions with us.  there really isn’t anything else to compare this to: a little bit glamping luxury vacation, a little bit wilderness survival workshops, a little bit your best friends kitchen at the holidays, a little bit yoga retreat, a little bit staying too late at the bar, and a little bit monastery meditation.  we’d love to invite our people into it all.

i’ll be introducing susie and evie and hesketh island over the next couple of months here.  and i’ll be sure to send more updates about adventures next year as they evolve…but i promised you all a new moon update about what’s been brewing this fall and this is it. i couldn’t be more sure of the path we’re on and the excitement that comes with this adventure. The Guest House pops-up way north of the lower-48…sounds right. i hope to see you all there.

we’ll publish experience tickets to be purchased beginning December 22nd [2019 Offerings]and in the meantime, i’m sending love to all the growth and intention and creativity and commitment that you all are nurturing in your own lives tonight.

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