hesketh island calling the mainland:

friends i have about 10 minutes to write and send this to you - i’m able to have internet once a week as there is no internet on the island and our lives are very immersed in the land & shore here. we’ve just finished our first guest week on the island and are already sad that there are only six more. i’d love to tell you everything, but part of the site here is the mystery and i’m now down to 9 minutes to write you. the thing that has stirred my soul the most here though is the people on our crew this season, so i’ll share a bit that i’m seeing through each of their work of the last two weeks:

tony - all the love and ownership of the kitchen and food here - i’ve been inspired by the ways he dives into the humility it takes to learn a new landscape’s cuisine (seaweed broths and seared salmon) while also bringing forth the enormous skill set it requires to quickly build menu vision in a new place while also diving deeply into the love of each guest & their food

susie - her body lives and breathes this seashore-land and her kindness to guests and patience with the process of this work is unparalleled….also, as you can see from the blog picture, her berry picking skills & stamina on this island cannot be beat

madeline - is our person of faith and loyalty to this project and continues against all challenges (we didn’t exactly tell her that part of her job description would be running 3.5 tons of lumber for guest tents up a beach) to insist that good wine, good bread, and beautiful hosting dominate the space

bronson - owning beer brewing & canvas tent platform building on this island, with zero level square footage to speak of and the closest hardware store a half-hour boat ride away

….and jay & andrea who have showed up for a week each from dunton hot springs, colorado to just contribute whatever they could to the entire effort and have more importantly than anything contributed fierce spirit, adventurous flexibility, and appreciation for all this sea & land are feeding back into us and our guests every moment.

the sun doesn’t really set here at this time of year so keep sending us love - and we send you all the beauty and fierceness that this land has to offer to our work of food and hosting.

seth o'donovan