springtime apprisal

Friends and community, we are feeling all of the energy, movement, inspiration, pushing-through-the-ground growth, reaching-for-the-sun stretch that this season calls forth from us.  March and April have been months filled with momentum for us and we are preparing ourselves to have a summer of realization of the foundation-laying work that we have invested over the last two years. 

We also find the springtime energy of personal connection and community-building.  Kathryn and I were talking this morning about the growing community of new, old, and re-connected friends that we are starting to recognize in Guest House spaces and in our daily work and find that as an indicator of success. 

Here are a few updates for you all about our spring:

·      Kathryn, who has been a constant witness in my life over the last five years about the conceptual and then operational development of The Guest House is coming on board with our team in some concrete ways!  You all will be seeing her in more of our event spaces supporting community development and contributing super-woman style operations support

·      Joe & Seth have already hosted two dinners this month – our Volcano Dinner on April 3rd and a private dinner for Trilogy Financial at Beacons Community Space last night.  We continue to find inspiration for our hospitality practice at our pop-up dinners and are so thankful for all the folks we’re meeting.

·      The Roaring Fork Valley Dinner on April 24th has taken on a life of its own – open-fire cooking, a full lamb & fish roast, and a beautiful host home in Snowmass.  Chefs Kodi & Shawn are going to be joining Joe in the cooking extravaganza.  Not to mention the work we’ll be doing before the dinner meeting with farmers in the valley, learning more about the land there, and foraging/building all of the elements for the dinner.

·      We are so excited for our History of US Agriculture workshop being hosted by Mile High Farmers on April 25th – this will be our first community popular-education workshop and will showcase an art-gallery style timeline of US agricultural history that we’ve been writing for a couple of months.  Building the connections between the land, our food, and our community is so ingrained in the ethos of The Guest House and the unveiling of this workshop is a realization of a long-time coming goal of ours.

·      The first media piece about our work was published on 5280.com two weeks ago with the genius work of Monica’s writing & Lauren’s photography!

·      And we welcomed three new Devoted CSA members this month – the growth of that visionary crew brings fire to our hearts and our daily work

"We must constantly encourage ourselves and each other to attempt the heretical actions that our dreams imply."           ~ Audre Lorde

seth o'donovan