Slow and Steady...

by Seth O’Donovan

This week is filled with joy and inspiration and excitement!  I just got back from the Roaring Fork Valley to Denver on Tuesday where I spent my usual couple of days a week there diving into property search, building relationships with our working community in the valley, and getting to know the land.  We’ve just sent in to the printer our newest updated version of the History of U.S. Agriculture timeline in order to be ready for our workshop on Saturday at the Slow Food Nations conference.  And I’ve spent the morning meeting with event & wedding planners about our event structures and logistics for our first open season next summer. 

The work right now for The Guest House has a very rhythmic, faithful feeling to it.  I was talking in the Roaring Fork to one of our rancher friends about the ritual of work with the land – how it requires a faithfulness of showing up every day and doing the right thing and engaging in the practice.  And that work has very exciting moments and that work has very mundane moments, but the joy is in the faithfulness to it. 

An exciting moment coming up is our presentation at the Slow Food Nations conference this weekend and I was excited to see workshops in the Delegate meetings tomorrow that we’ll be attending covering topics about the intersections of good food & just food as well as topics about what it means to be a worker with food – on land and in restaurants.  I’m also just excited to be with many of our colleagues spread out over the country who are committed to the faithfulness of the same work we are engaging in daily – the encouragement and expertise-sharing are invaluable in those spaces. 

I hope to see some of you around the Nations gathering this weekend and will I’m sure be seeing others of you around Denver and the Roaring Fork in all of my travels over the next couple of weeks.  Sending joy in the work to all of you.

seth o'donovan