A 'Fiery Life'

We have entered the month of Saint Hildegard of Bingen’s feast day (September 17th) which is also the month that begins harvest, hunting, and the preparations for the winter season to come.  As we approach the Hildegard workshop weekend (Sept 15-16) on the land, I’ve been revisiting her writings and have also been referencing my notes on her herbal remedies as we harvest the herb garden and set winter remedies.  She is for sure one of our heroes here at The Guest House as a person who's worked before us in pursuit of building connection with the land and with people.  The phrase ‘fiery life’ appears several times in her writings and I think is an appropriate reflection of her and all beings living into enlivenment.  Her own life as a musician, herbalist, artist, spiritual practitioner, and leader of a community was one that seemed to follow life through its questions and to its edge and to not shy away from expressing in the world in order for others to be encouraged & inspired. 

And it would take some effort not to be encouraged & inspired by some of her ideas.  She said, "God has arranged all things in the world in consideration of everything else."  Just taking a moment to think about what it would be like for me to live every aspect of my own life 'in consideration of everything else' takes me back to a place of humility & awe.  We live every day here applying a consideration of connectedness & relatedness (also strong Hildegard themes) to the food and medicine and land and art and I finish each day knowing we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the work.  Inspired we must be in our times.  And drawn deeply into the consideration.  

We are living into some new fiery-ness ourselves here.  We are preparing for the harvest of the vineyard, setting medicine, feeling into the cold shifts in the weather at night, putting away food for the winter, walking in the fall rain showers, and living into the planning of our spring work and offerings so that we may rest for winter appropriately.  I’m really inspired that we are not living into the expected or easy answers about our work in 2019, but rather are following the questions that are being brought to us about the ways we relate the project to the world and build deeper levels of connection through its work.  We’ll be sure to tell you all about plans for next season as they form, but in the meantime, be sure that we are living into another of Hildegard’s quotes: “Trust shows the way.” 


For more Hildegard information check out our friends at Healthy Hildegard or join us & them for all of the cooking, learning, film watching (with the film maker Michael Conti), eating, herb work, and feasting on September 15th

seth o'donovan