the dark night of winter

i’m out on the little porch of my cabin tonight and all i can hear is the sweet rush of the river and all i can see is the night sky without diminishing lights around it from the ground.  i’m settling into winter, trail running over snow, river walking over ice, but still having to be cautious of the places that are too thin to fall through into the flowing water underneath. 

friends and family, i know we’ve been quiet on the mediums of internet that we’re all so accustomed to taking our social and planning cues from these days.  it is the season of the land that is calling us to quieting and listening and writing and dreaming and sleeping a little more.  and we are embracing all the calls.  we also still have a lot of work to finish before we can put ourselves and the land to rest for the winter…i’ve been working on a new deer hide that the hunters on Sunfire Ranch that we love brought in from this year’s hunt, supporting fellow land-friends in fall projects of apple harvest and cider-making, making soap for the winter, crafting all the medicinal herbs from the garden for winter medicine and nourishment, and serving folks, always serving, dinners and beverages that support them in resting their sweet bodies and souls.  i’m also spending the winter in places that don’t have internet and cell phone access so that i can better listen to the call of this work. over the next few months the work of this project is to listen and dream and plan. and we are doing that with our fullest hearts and deepest dreams.

2019 promises to hold some really inspiring opportunities for us to get closer to the land and host spaces that are increasingly true to how we connect to the animals and the plants and the seasons and each other.  that is my promise to you all and i feel ever called to the accountability to you all to offer that. 

i’ll be in touch as opportunity dreams become solid plans – be on the look out for some offerings come the new moon of December (7th)…we’ve taken on some lovely, land-soul collaborations with some folks up north who are seeking to live in the same ways we endeavor to and the co-creation of hospitality offerings is pushing us to some new places.

in the meantime, enjoy the cooling weather, the darkening nights, the crisp mornings, and the last work of fall harvest.  sending all the love and dark winter night rest to you all.