the fearless team

In the last eight weeks our team at The Guest House has taken on a life-force and momentum of its own.  Throughout last year, Seth has been the primary worker for daily tasks and business of TGH.  The month of November felt like an explosion of energy, capacity, and people and there is not a day that goes by that we literally don’t feel as though our hearts might explode with gratitude for our team and their vision and their work.  Here’s an introduction to them and what they’ve been up to this last week:

Troy – Development Director extraordinaire and wine nerd has spent the week finishing setting up multiple databases for us in order to effectively organize information that we are researching about crop planting, land management, CSA Devoted membership, budgets, event planning, and internal time-management.  While that might not sound like the sexiest work, Troy makes our thousand moving parts look more like a ballet rather than a mosh pit.  He also did some very helpful R&D taste-testing for Seth’s breakfast cheese that she’s working on for TGH mornings.

Joe – our inspired chef and one of the owner’s team is also serving currently as our operations director and the planning of all things land & kitchen for TGH.  This week he’s been doing some research and learning for us in Western New York on land, food, and wine as well as watercolor painting in his spare time an art piece as a gift for each CSA Devoted member. 

Brandi – making us look pretty, Brandi directs us around all things branding and marketing and ensures that our internal culture is reflected externally in ways that are accurate and maintain our integrity.  She has pushed us hard this week to finish up our new member packets for The Devoted CSA that has launched this week; Seth just picked them up from the printer this morning and almost cried at how beautiful they are…since inspiring connection to beauty is one of TGH’s top values, we just don’t know where we’d be without her.

Alexa – event planner & coordinator genius, Alexa is creating and finding venues for all of our events and pop-up dinners for 2017 in places that we never knew they could exist.  She is who makes our food and community events ooze with hospitality and seamless logistics and we thank our lucky stars that she likes us as much as we like her.

Team TGH out...we gotta get back to art, recipe testing, organizing, designing, learning, and probably some wine drinking sprinkled throughout.

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