Alaska Edition Lovely Updates

Friends & Family Loves - we’re hopping and full speed and full of love right now in the Colorado high country with hosting & garden planting & mushroom-hunting & compost building at Dunton Hot Springs and are preparing to head to Rancho Pillow in Round Top, TX for a weekend of butchering & cooking, but some really amazing elements of the Alaska Edition pop-up in the fall are coming together that I wanted to let you all know about!

  • We’re pleased that Mandy Bernard will be designing and producing our kitchen linens for us to use as we cook, infuse, butcher, and host. She’ll also join us for a workshop on wild foraging & textile print design on the island for guests.

    • Carlyle Watt of Fire Island will be joining us for Sourdough Week - Sept 5-8 - for all of the open-fire sourdough & grain curiosity and baking….turns out, he’s also bringing his band for the week so we’ll be full on music & joy with them that week as well.

    • And our brilliant Madeline (culinary host of the site who hails from Berlin) hosts a podcast on food & sustainability…she and I got on the phone while i was waiting in the Anchorage Airport on my way home from a sourcing trip last month and she’s crafted a podcast from our conversation. Tune into Food On Point Podcast: Alaska Edition to listen to the conversation about the ethos of the site, the amazing Homer & Alaskan producers we spent time with, and what we’re most excited about on the site. Please forgive my stuffy nose in the podcast….I was super sick on my way home, but still full of life & inspiration about our work & community in AK.

Love to you all - sending beauty.

seth o'donovan