january second two thousand seventeen

The turn of this year has us in strong place of reflection & imagining, remembering & visioning, resting & acting.  2016 at The Guest House was filled with foundation building and root-setting.  Incorporating as a Public Benefit Corporation, setting up structures for building capital & resources, and solidifying our ownership team were the tasks that we knew were necessary to a structure that would serve us long into the future.  Our sights for this project have never been short – our plan is to serve the span of our lifetimes, the land that is far older than us, and build practices that serve the generations and people that will follow.  Putting in the time now to set a solid structure has been our act of service to that plan. 

The end of 2016 propelled us into a new form of action.  Within the last six weeks of the year we went from an owner’s team to a group of nine people actively working on the project and an extended network of almost twenty people investing in various and vital ways to the next phase of our work.  We finalized our investment structure, hired staff, brought on our chef, and made changes in our personal lives in order to invest more fully in The Guest House.

2017 finds us leveraged & ready. 

We’ve set an ambitious event calendar full of workshops and dinners that reflect the kind of work we will do on our land.  We are in an active land search that will result in us purchasing land in September.  Our first six Devoted members will sign-on in two weeks in a celebratory cocktail gathering.  We will enter an intensive brand strategy process in order to ensure that our external words & images reflect our internal culture accurately.  We’re scheduled to spend time with others in the country who share vision with us about land usage, food cultivation, and community-building. 

And in the moment, we hold ourselves to our daily practices and disciplines that continue to mold & shape us as individuals and as a group: fermentation practice, cheese-making, cooking, restaurant service, community organizing, art, anti-racist practice, daily study, wine study & drinking, archery practice, gardening, herb craft, veterinary technology study, and menu conjuring.  

We are excited about the year with you all.  I’ll be holding a practice of weekly blog updates here throughout the year in order to invite you all into the life and practice of this project.  And we are always open to wine & coffee dates with you all about the work.  

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