Grey Day Reflection

The grounding grey of this Front Range day is so welcome.  We continue to be on such a fast-moving trajectory in our work that the moments that we can pause, drink some tea, reflect, and ground for our next cycle of movement are so valuable. We talk a lot at TGH about how all generative cycles are ones that maintain a constant rotation between action & reflection and we are deeply aware that we err on the side of action at The Guest House.  Reflection is our work and our practice and for that these cloudy days are a teacher. 

Seth spent the morning yesterday harvesting nettles that had been broken and slashed from the hail storm the night before so the resilience of the plant’s life is close for us right now – we’d like to provide some updates through a metaphor of the plant.

Roots…continuing the expansion of our own resource-base, we have begun to actively build roots in the Roaring Fork Valley where we are seeking land to build the physical site of The Guest House.  We find such an abundance in the valley of new community, collaborators in the work, and connection with the land.  Seth will be moving up to live in the Roaring Fork Valley part-time throughout the summer, while maintaining our base of operations in Denver and connection with our community on the Front Range. 

Stem…responsible for connecting the resources of the roots with the growth of above-ground plant, the stem is the central channel conduit.  Our expanding team takes on this role and strengthens the ability of the plant to expand in wise & informed ways.  In the last two weeks we have added to our team realty, accounting, farming, land-management, and culinary expertise in the form of some of the loveliest people that we are sure live in Colorado.

Leaves…as we finish the last dinner of our Spring pop-up series we are setting out our Summer schedule of community learning & hospitality experiences.  The summer will find us more oriented towards community workshops & learning with continued commitment to the practice of our craft of dining & hospitality.  Cheese-making, Herbal practice, Roaring Fork Dinners, and a Devoted CSA event for CSA members are all things we are looking forward to.  The full schedule will be posted by May 20th.

Enjoy all the tea and reflection today - thanks for all of your continued support.

seth o'donovan