open space

Here’s what i love about what’s emerging in Alaska: the beauty of the landscape of people who are going to be there feels like it is the other side of the coin of the beauty of the geographical landscape we will inhabit.  Wendell Berry writes a lot about the etymology of the word ‘agriculture’ and how it carries the word ‘culture’ within it.  He speaks to the fact that when we live our lives with a specific land, the land shapes all of the other aspects of our lives – our songs, our art, our sense of beauty, the food we eat, the beverages we drink, our architecture, and our community structures.  So i love that what began as an idea to host on the land of Hesketh Island with Susie & Evie is evolving into a community of people that will be there that also reflect that land or are seeking to be in dialogue with that land for the shaping of their own personal sense of culture. 

This is different than tourism. 

This is about dialogue.  This is about vulnerability.  This is about contributing.  This is about being transformed.  This is pilgrimage.    

Terry Tempest Williams in her book entitled When Women Were Birds says, “Creativity is another form of open space, whose very nature is to disturb, disrupt, and ‘bring us to tenderness’.”  And that is why we believe in the land and in the community that evolves around specific landscapes.  Because the necessity of creativity in living off of land & sea and the creative work that is inspired from land & sea has a disturbing, disrupting, and tender-ing effect on our selves and lives.  The open space of the land will reflect the open space of our food and art and lives on Hesketh and all are invited in. 

seth o'donovan