the joy of our labor

Labor Day is for sure our favorite holiday. A foundational inspiration for the concept of The Guest House is the desire to be able to work well.  By ‘work well’ we mean work with dignity, work sustainably, work in increasingly skilled & dedicated ways, work in accountability to the land, work in interdependence with others, and work in a way that honors who has come before us and who will follow after us.  The path to being able to work well has been crafted in history by other people with the same desires and it is through the work of people’s movements that we currently have a platform to continue to move those desires closer to reality. 

Our celebration of Labor Day has a special significance this year as we move up to the land upon which we will ground the work of The Guest House.  Located on the Crystal River in the Roaring Fork Valley, our new home carries deep historical connections to coal mining & agriculture and sits at the foot of Mount Sopris.  Bryan & Alexa have moved up to the property to start some foundational work while Seth stays in Denver for another month to wrap up a summer season of work for us on the Front Range.

The conversations we are having related to this move and the excitement about the next phase of our work are filled with joy.  Canning & preserving schedules, harvesting calendar, philosophical approaches to architecture & design, new friendships in a new place, new depths found in old friendships, gleaning seasons, distillery methods, winter work plans, and dining room table quests are all in the air.  We love that this is our work.  And that our work is able to serve ideas and goals and community and land that are so much bigger than our own individual lives.  Lives of service are why we are in the hospitality trade – so that no matter what our individual tasks are that day or what our job descriptions say, we always know that our labor is in service to something larger than ourselves.  It requires a constant contextualizing of our own lives & struggles and locates us within a larger picture.  And this is a source of deep joy. 

Thank you for all the ways you all continue to support our ability to work well and to contribute to the bigger picture.  We find so much gratitude for our community and our partnerships on this weekend especially. 

seth o'donovan