The News

I definitely owe you all some updates.  We’ve been overflowing with planning, transitioning, celebrating, and working in the last few weeks and are using the afternoon rain to reflect and inform. 

We have begun to plan a move (many moves) from our work being rooted in the Front Range to the Roaring Fork Valley.  This enormous step for us marks the closure of Chapter One of work of The Guest House (which we began in June 2015) and opens up Chapter Two of our work and timeline.  Moving the business, four staff members, all of our individual lives, and all of the matriarchal lineage china that we serve our dinners on is quite an undertaking and we are experiencing all of the feelings and logistics that accompany that move.  Chapter One has really been about our identity development and the due-diligence planning & formation that fulfilling our mission requires.  Chapter Two will put feet on the ground for that mission.  We’ve always known that finding a land home for the project would be the chapter marker between One & Two, and here we are.

We are so excited as we prepare for our Devoted CSA Summer Celebration at which we will make the first formal, public announcements about our new home in the Roaring Fork Valley as well as the timeline & nature of our next year of work.  After the Summer Celebration, we will be releasing all of that information on our website on Labor Day – one of our favorite holidays – in celebration of all of the work that has led us here and all of the work we are privileged to continue to develop on the land. 

Other exciting happenings for us are:

·      opening up a hiring process for a Chef de Cuisine

·      supporting the live auction of the Aspen Valley Land Trust in their 50th Anniversary Land Gala on Saturday August 12th

·      welcoming new CSA members in time for the Summer Celebration

Until our move at the end of September, we will continue to work mostly out of Denver with frequent time in the Roaring Fork.  All of our gratitude to all of your contributions to Chapter One.  Stay tuned for the outline release of Chapter Two on September 1st – we’re honored to continue this work with all of you. 

seth o'donovan