The Wave is Coming

I said this to a friend the other day, “I can see the wave coming now.”  I’m really not the person who should be using sea metaphors as the shore is one of the few kinds of landscape I haven’t lived on, but I know the feeling well of anticipating forces of nature coming towards me.  The other day here on the ranch we felt the same about a snowstorm coming in: blue skies, fifty-five degrees, birds chirping, and then, we could see it.  The front of grey clouds coming from behind the Mountain and then over it and then snow blowing sideways around us. 

We’ve been working for a few years now on the conceptual and structural development of The Guest House and then over the winter here at the confluence of Thompson Creek and the Crystal River.  And you know all of the work is in preparation for something that’s been envisioned, but you can’t quite feel what the something will be like.  You know its coming, but you can’t see it yet in the sky.  And now, we can see it. 

The summer is building quickly.  We have 15 workshops scheduled and more being finalized.  We’ll be hosting guest chefs and facilitators from around the country.  We’re opening up 8 full lodging weekends in the ‘guest houses’ by the river.  We’re booking weddings and dinners and celebrations in people’s lives of all kinds for them to experience here on the ranch.  We’re redesigning interiors and exteriors of buildings for people and animals to be hosted in every day.  We’re putting sheep on the vineyard.  And we’re weaving the brilliant community here on the ranches of craftspeople and artists and cooks and farmers and hosts who will facilitate the work the summer has to offer us.  We’re planning on singing and dancing at shows and sing-a-longs under this Mountain. 

Friends and family, we want you be here with us.  Check out the website if you’d like to join us for some land-time.  Call us on the landline if you’d like to talk with seth about your dreams for the summer.  And join us as the wave carries us through this first year on the land. 

seth o'donovan