our beloved collaborators

we acknowledge that we can’t do this work alone. that new things are built by people who can see beyond the accepted freeze. that we need those aligned in values & vision to see and work and curate with us. these are those.


Set the net



…created by Susie Jenkins-Brito, is a growing collective of recipes, stories, and sharing of her family’s Alaskan life particularly in regards to her rural home in Bristol Bay. Set the Net focuses on highlighting Wild Alaska Salmon, other seafood, local ingredients, and wild game all while sharing culture, the beauty of Bristol Bay and all of Alaska, with glimpses into the lifestyle that surrounds commercial fishing families. For Susie “inviting guests into our retreat space will feel as if we are sharing all our favorite secrets. Alaskan fishermen, makers, musicians, farmers and food we love, what to harvest and when, uses for wild plants, and parts of our souls that sing when we connect with each other and the bounty around us.”

Evie’s brinery

…partners with local farms to make delicious, naturally fermented sauerkrauts, kimchis, and salsas using fresh, Alaska-grown produce.  Through farm partnerships, production, experimentation and teaching, Evie works to expand the way we think about, enjoy and preserve our locally grown and wild-harvested vegetables throughout the year.  “We are deeply inspired by how nourishing, naturally fermented local vegetables celebrate our culture, connects us to the land and promotes the good health of Alaska’s people, farms and communities.” Says founder Evie Witten.

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Dunton Hot springs

Dunton Life is a collection of intimate and rustic hotels in the Colorado Rockies. Comprised of the iconic Dunton Hot Springs resort, Dunton River Camp, and Dunton Town House in Telluride, Dunton Life is the leading provider of authentic culinary and outdoor and nature experiences in the region. Through a partnership with Sutcliffe Vineyards, Dunton Life also provides access to unique hand-crafted and critically acclaimed Colorado wines.