Produced/Edited/Videographer: Jordan Elizabeth Beyer

Additional Videographers: Sarah Megyesy, Ali Bibbo

Devoted CSA Memberships are available through May 31, 2017.  The limited 150 memberships are an amazing opportunity to support the build-up phase of The Guest House as well as secure access to member-only events & yearly production from the land.  Read below for more information & reach out with interest!

Interested friends & family may contact Kathryn - [email protected]


dəˈvdəd/ adjective

1.very loving or loyal.
2. To give one's time, attention, self to a particular activity, pursuit, cause

Who are the Devoted?

Based off of Robin Dunbar’s concept; Dunbar, an anthropologist, suggested a limit to the number of people that could exist in a cohesive way in a person’s social circle: 150.  He also suggested that 150 was the number of people that are required to resource a human community, such as a village or agrarian area.

What is The Devoted?

A group of 150 people who participate in a long-term, reciprocal relationship with The Guest House. They serve as the family around The Guest House and  are key to its formation and cultural development.  

How do I become a Devoted member?

A one-time membership fee of $1000 secures life-time membership; membership is attributed to individuals and is non-transferable. 

Benefits of participating in The Devoted:

  • Annual event at The Guest House with food & revelry

  • Annual gift from The Guest House’s land production that may include produce, home & body products, art, or other items the land has inspired

  • discounts on select services of The Guest House